Al Za'atari refugee camp
3000 6000 1000 Camp infrastructure School Health Centre Population(individuals)
Ages in years
District of origin in Syria

Date of Arrival in Zaatari Camp (select the graph area to filter by date)
Shelter type
Distance to closest active WASH Centre
Distance to the closest Health Centre
Distance to the closest School - School aged children only

About Al Za'atari Camp population count

REACH conducted this population count of Za’atari refugee camp in partnership with UNICEF between 30 December 2014 and 18 January 2015.
REACH has conducted several population counts within Za’atari Camp since its inception in July 2012. Although UNHCR registration data is available for the whole camp, these counts provide further information in the form of population per district and per street/block, (data can be be downloaded from this page)
As Za’atari camp is an evolving context in which residents move within the camp, into and out of the camp from the host community, and leave the camp permanently on an on-going basis.
Regular counts are therefore necessary for humanitarian actors within the camp, as this facilitates the planning and implementation of the distribution and delivery of goods and services for the community.